How To Make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face

how to make money on only fans without showing your face

OnlyFans – What is it?

OnlyFans is a social aggregate platform that allows creators, influencers, and celebrities to share private or public content with their paying fan base. Fans can either see the free content influencers put out or choose to “unlock” content by paying a certain amount of money per post, usually a “subscription fee”. OnlyFans is an online opportunity to make passive income doing what you love or sharing aesthetically pleasing content. However, there have been a lot of misconceptions about Onlyfans being referred to as a porn site. It, in reality, is a site for a varying degree of content. This contents spans across:

  • Travel blogging 
  • DIY tutorials 
  • Comics and skits
  • Fashion
  • Modeling 
  • Gaming 
  • Adult Content 
  • Influencer vlogs
  • Fitness and health, amongst others.

OnlyFans, nudity, sex work, and sharing adult content are often regarded as taboo in many world regions. Despite this perception, a large number of people – Creators and users – are affiliated with Onlyfans. For fear of being judged, considering a large proportion of content on Onlyfans is sensitive, users create accounts anonymously. 

Although having an anonymous online business through Onlyfans is hard, it is sure to make passive income. Creators and users or consumers alike struggle with staying anonymous on Onlyfans. A simple hack, security breach, unsuspecting conversation, or personal data could compromise your identity. This data can be as simple as a location, an IP address, a picture of your face, a tattoo and name, etc. 

OnlyFans included some features in its account creation to ensure the safety and anonymity of its users. OnlyFans makes sure that the content you share privately as a creator is watermarked and cannot be screenshotted or downloaded. Also, a creator can block users by IP and country. This prevents potential visitors, spies, judgemental people, or preys – from anywhere around the world, including your country – from being a bother. Also, Onlyfans consistently publishes articles with hacks, tricks, and tips to help users stay anonymous and safe on its platform like this. However, do not rely on this! There is stolen content that still makes it to reddit so proceed with caution.

Research has proven that people enjoy the thrill in the absence and being a faceless beauty. This sparks mysteriousness that is, in fact, a fetish for some. It’s only normal to get curious and mystified after digesting content that catches your attention without a face to place. More and more, content is being shared worldwide, stirring a consciousness reawakening that encourages anonymity. 

For many reasons, people want to share content, or a part of themselves to the world yet remain a faceless beauty. These reasons include but are not limited to self-discovery, protecting their careers, the thrill of being mysterious, and of course, those with no reason whatsoever.

The desire to have an Onlyfans account without showing one’s face tends to spark money questions. 

Can I still make money on Onlyfans without showing my face? Do Onlyfans accounts with placed faces have an advantage? How do I make money with an Onlyfans account without showing my face? 

This article will help answer all of these bothering questions. 

First. Yes! You can still make money on Onlyfans without showing your face. Second. With the right yet basic strategies, an Onlyfans account with placed faces does not have an advantage over your anonymous account. Lastly, this article guides you on how you can make money with an Onlyfans account without showing your face.

How to make money with an Onlyfans account without showing your face.

Create an Onlyfans account

This is the first step to making money on Onlyfans, even anonymously. It’s as simple as that. Feel free to sign up here.

Narrow down your niche

When creating an anonymous Onlyfans account, it’s vital to have an account name, content type, posting schedule, and monthly subscription plan. Being anonymous and then all over the place with varying content establishes doubt in the minds of fans. Having a niche means accentuating your best assets, whatever it is or feet; boobs; butt; niche fetishes and modeling – help market you as a brand. This draws your actual target audience, establishing you as a creative authority. Do you know what that means? Money. Passive income without necessarily showing up or showing your face. If you’re struggling with this part it’s best to complete a really basic SWOT analysis. This will outline your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Refer to this Forever Compounding how-to guide for more clarity.

Know Your Audience

Essential marketing 101 informs you to know your audience before actually marketing yourself. Knowing your audience helps you earn passive income effectively because you create and earn more while stressing less. It is essential to figure out within your niche what kind of content you want to put out. More importantly, it is vital to figure out what such content appeals to. 

For example, promoting a boob picture to a person with an affinity for gaming, feet, or butt is no practical way to position your account for passive income. There are adult-content-loving fans who pay no attention to your face, with a fetish for a particular part of the body. Being all over all kinds of content as a content provider on OnlyFans gives you a disadvantageous perception of being inconsistent.

Purchase the right resources

There’s no bargaining having resources that make creating your content more comfortable and productive. Irrespective of the niche, resources such as a camera or webcam, a wireless shutter, creative props, someone to help with filming or pictures, and lightning (ring lights) are essential. For example, for niches that create adult content or porn, sexy outfits and sex toys are non-negotiable. For gamers, a gamepad, console, or laptop is non – negotiable. These resources serve as investments for more money to be yours.

Run a Promotional Campaign

To make money with your Onyfans, getting consistent and new fans for your account is crucial. OnlyFans offers content creators and providers a promotional feature. This enables subscription discounts for fans. Subscription discounts arouse interest in fans and are the initial magnet that draws them to your account. Your content, however, keeps them. 

For people or potential fans with doubts about your content’s value – mostly because there’s no face to the account – a promotional discount gives them a chance to see for themselves the value you exude. The same applies to potential subscribers who feel your regular prices are too expensive. A quality and consistent content settles the doubt that your content is worth the cost and more. 

There’s no one way to get discounts. Discounts can be for new subscribers only, as they can be for long standing fans. It could also run for every fan – potential and old – for a certain period. You can make your account free for a limited period. This increases the influx of new subscribers and heightens the loyalty of old fans to your account.

Words are also a competitive advantage 

Having an account where you show your face used to have a competitive advantage over an account where you don’t. This is because your fans get to interact with and have a relationship of some sort with you. But. Not Anymore. Now, having a faceless account opens up a new model of creativity and bonding between you and your fans. All you require is to get creative with your words. 

Employ the Art of Copywriting to tell or amplify a story with your content. Creative writing and copywriting create a seeming bond between you and your followers. This illusional bond influences your fans into parting with their money – dipping their hands into their pocket, or instead bank accounts – to give you passive income.

Get creative and unique with your content, header, subtitle, tags, and Interaction. Your income level will thank you for it.

Be Human. Have a date with your fans

Although your Onlyfans account doesn’t show your face, try to be human. Interact with your fans. Fans want to know they are relating with a person. Give them the thrill involved with connecting with a seemingly abstract yet present and relatable person. Being consistent with your posting schedule stirs them to look forward to your new content every time. This creates a bond between your content and the fans that keep them coming back every time. 

Collaborate. It’s important! 

Collaboration is an underutilized technique by OnlyFans creators. By collaborating with other OnlyFans creators close to or within your niche, you both reach each other’s audience. This sparks a rise in the fan base. You could collaborate by tipping other OnlyFans influencers and creators to promote your account to their fans. You could also collaborate by having you and a fellow OnlyFans creator create content together. Whatever option you choose, ensure it’s a collaboration that will lead to conversion. The conversion, which in this context is publicity, increased fan base, and consequently more money. Passive money.

Employ Platforms like Reddit to GrowthHack your account. 

Reddit is a social news community, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit allows members to submit content like text posts, links, and images to the site. The content is categorized into user-created boards known as “communities” or “subreddits.” Subreddits content and rules vary. While some allow promotions, others don’t. 

To make money on Onlyfans via Reddit, create an account and look out for subreddits in your niche. Ensure to add your Onlyfans profile link in the comment section after making a post. This is because links are not clickable on Reddit post titles, and photo content does not allow post descriptions. For a smooth ride to your Onlyfans account, use a catchy title and create a Reddit image or photo. Ensure to follow up with a comment indicating your profile link. For more tips on how to growth hack your Onlyfans account using Reddit, you should read this

Leverage on Social Media. Be Your PR

Making passive income on your Onlyfans account without showing your face requires basic PR strategies such as marketing. Marketing your Onlyfans account on social media does not deprive you of anonymity. It’s as simple as creating new social media accounts and earning passively within a blink.

Bottom Line

OnlyFans is an online business to make passive income doing what you love or sharing aesthetically pleasing content. These contents must be exclusive, consistent, relatable, and engaging. This will help scale your fan subscription count. The amount of passive income you make from your Onlyfans account is dependent on some factors. These factors include subscription plan and price, Content type, growth hacking your Onlyfans account with platforms like Reddit, how relatable and engaging it is, as well as tips shared consistently. 

For details on how to growth hack your Onlyfans account for passive income, you should read the Forever Compounding guide to growth hacking an onlyfans account using reddit.

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